What Are The Benefits of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a mental attitude that focuses on positive thoughts, actions, and beliefs. It anticipates only happiness, joy, health, and successful outcomes for every situation and action. An individual that masters positive thinking will often find that more positive situations arise in their life. Psychologists have discovered that whatever a person tends to expect is what they can expect to find. Why not expect positivity and happiness?

Positive thinking may seem mystical or to good to be true, but there are some very real health benefits to be experienced by mastering positive thinking. Some people criticise positive thinking as nothing more than hoping for the best without actually trying to do anything to bring about those positive results. Actually, positive thinking allows for a whole series of positive outcomes because it puts people in a frame of mind to expect and be ready for positive outcomes. It is not a cure all or “miracle pill” for happiness but a helpful tool for living a good life.

One of the main benefits of positive thinking is reducing stress. Everybody experiences stress in their lives and it’s not always a negative experience. Stress can push us to improve our environments and situations. However, too much stress can have a very deleterious affect on our health. Handling events in a more positive manner, a hallmark of positive thinking, reduces the stress that you’ll feel on a daily basis. Instead of just seeing the problems in a given situation, positive thinkers see solutions. Working toward solvable solutions will lower your stress levels.

Secondly, positive thinking will result in you having more energy. What can be more sapping than feeling like no matter what you do you won’t be able to improve your situation? This is the mindset of a negative thinker. Thinking like that will only result in your energy levels being lowered. Positive thinking lets you look at the brighter side of life and instead of feeling like there is nothing you can do to improve your situation, you will feel exhilarated by the challenge in front of you. A simple re-framing of the stress in your life from an insurmountable annoyance to a surmountable barrier will do wonders for your energy levels.

Thirdly, your relationships will improve and deepen if you adopt principles of positive thinking. Attitudes are contagious and people much prefer to be around positive people. It’s easier to connect with someone who is naturally positive and optimistic. People like to be surrounded by people who encourage and support them, not somebody who is negative. Learning how to think more positively will improve the relationships that you’re already a part of and will introduce you to more positive relationships with others.

Fourthly, positive thinking often leads to a healthier lifestyle. As I’ve already mentioned, negative thinkers are generally wracked by stress. Too much stress can have a very negative affect on our bodies. It can weaken the immune system, make you more susceptible to fatigue, headaches, sleeping disorders, muscle tensions and other unpleasant feelings. Thinking positively lifts that blanket of stress and allows you to live a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, positive people believe they have control over their future and are therefore more likely to exercise and eat healthy foods.

At first glance, it may seem overly simple to attribute so much to something as simple as positive thinking. However, the benefits of positive thinking are very real and very simple to begin experiencing for yourself. Try to recognise negative thoughts when they enter your mind and replace them with positive ones. It will be difficult at first to realise when you’re being negative. However, over time you will begin to notice when that negativity begins to creep into your mind and you can begin replacing it with positivity.


Written by Karen Bell

Wealth is your divine birthright. From Health to Money, relationships to the wealth of a happy life.

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