Lucid Dreaming for Dream-Building

Have you ever had a lucid dream?  Essentially, lucid dreaming is the experience of realizing you’re dreaming within the dream.  Most people rarely have these, and even then they suddenly wake up out of confusion or lose control of what is occurring in the dream.  This is a shame because you can actually take hold of the dream and create blissful experiences for yourself! These positive moments can help bolster your thinking around your self potential and abilities.

I have a rather silly example of lucid dreaming that I love sharing because it illustrates some of the wonderful possibilities of fun, that can be had during one of these episodes.  As I was walking down a street, I had the sudden realization that I was not in “reality” and was indeed having a dream. I had already had many experiences with lucid dreaming so I decided to use this one for some fun.  Having made the quick decision to eat a ton of sweets guilt-free (no calories!), I “happened” to pass by a bakery and walked in. I’ll never forget the joy I felt as I ate several pastries and grabbed some more on the way out the door for good measure.   Funny enough, a “dream cop” started to chase me down the street! I ran and laughed the entire way, knowing I couldn’t really be arrested and that the entire scenario was just my subconscious mind at work! However, that did not take away the delicious taste of the pastries, I can assure you.

I use this as a light example of having fun, but there is great potential in exploring lucid dreams.  You can explore faraway lands, fly through the air, face fears, revisit loved ones, etc. The possibilities are endless!

 Perhaps the most incredible aspect of this subconscious adventure is the concrete results it can have on your real day to day life.  After an enthralling lucid dream, you will wake up happy and refreshed, and perhaps most importantly, with a sense of accomplishment and self love!

There is more literature now than ever on the experience of lucid dreaming and subconscious mind exploration.  I encourage you to take a look and try it out for yourself. The more you practice the greater you can become. Sweet dreams!

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