How Does the Law of Attraction Work

In recent years, the Law of Attraction has gotten a lot of attention from both believers and sceptics. Movies and books such as “The Secret” praise the Law of Attraction for its ability to bring good things to people who believe that good things will happen. In its most basic form, the Law of Attraction simply means that if you think something will happen, it will happen. Another was of putting the Law of Attraction is to say, “like attracts like.” In that same way that thinking positively will bring about a positive change, thinking negatively will also bring about a negative outcome. Proponents of the Law of Attraction believe that by changing the way you think, you can completely change your life.

There has been a lot of debate about the Law of Attraction and whether or not the Law of Attraction works. While some people wholeheartedly believe in the Law of Attraction, others are quick to present arguments about why the Law of Attraction does not hold up. Among the arguments that sceptics believe is that the Law of Attraction does not have measurable outcomes, the evidence is mostly anecdotal. Likewise, it is nearly impossible to say the exact reason why something happened. Others find fault in the Law of Attraction by picking apart the basics of the theory, namely questioning what happens if someone has conflicting thoughts.

Besides the debate about the validity of the Law of Attraction, there is still the question of how the Law of Attraction works. There is more to the Law of Attraction than simply thinking something and having it come true. The Law of Attraction takes much more than visualising and having something materialise. If this was the case, there would be thousands of instances of people visualising themselves as millionaires and achieving great wealth. The Law of Attraction is the combination of intense thoughts, feelings and imagination.

For the Law of Attraction to work, a person needs to genuinely believe that the Law of Attraction works and is a valid way to make things happen. Thoughts can be a powerful tool, but only if used correctly and if the thoughts are intense enough to make a difference. The Law of Attraction can work for people that have deep seeded beliefs, and are along focused enough to block out other distracting thoughts. For instance, if a person wants to succeed at a job, waking up every day thinking about failure and impossible tasks will put them in a mindset to fail. Alternatively, if that same person wakes up everyday ready to tackle challenges, get promoted and making a positive impact on their company, their chances of succeeding greatly improve. In this way, the Law of Attraction would state that because that person put out a vibe of success, concentrated on success, and worked towards success, they were bound to have a least some level of success.

For the Law of Attraction to work, many people say that the thoughts also have to move from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is very analytic and sometimes judgemental, making it hard for the conscious mind to think very abstractly or with great imagination at times. When a thought moves from the conscious mind to the unconscious mind, it has a greater chance of being reacted upon without hesitation. The unconscious mind has the power to trump the conscious mind in some instances, and many believe that the Law of Attraction is one of these instances. For the Law of Attraction to work, someone must thinking almost obsessively about one particular thing they would like to happen. Part of the process is convincing the mind that the desired outcome has either already happened or will happen very shortly. This way, the mind prepares for the outcome and also imagines all of the different scenarios in which the outcome will take place. Along with visualization and mediation on thoughts, the Law of Attraction can help to manifest things that are once only imagined into actual events.


Written by Anne Rosen

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