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What is Law of Attraction

In simplest terms, the law of attraction is a theory that states that whatever you think about, you will attract in your life. This means that whatever your dominant thoughts...

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How Does the Law of Attraction Work

In recent years, the Law of Attraction has gotten a lot of attention from both believers and sceptics. Movies and books such as “The Secret” praise the Law of Attraction...

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How Can You Make the Law of Attraction Work

The law of attraction is a theory stating that if you think something will happen, you will have a greater chance of seeing the desired outcome. In other words, the...

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How to Get What You Want Using the Law of Attraction

The first step to getting what you want using the law of attraction is to determine what it is you would like to see happen in your life. For some...

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How Does Cosmic Ordering Work

Cosmic ordering is very similar to the Law of Attraction in that cosmic ordering relies on thoughts to affect desired outcomes in the world. Also, just like the Law of...

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