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The Manifestation of Dreams Through Baby Steps: Take that Next Step

When a large dream looms in our consciousness, it is natural to be a bit paralyzed by fear or indecision at key moments.  It can seem far away or unrealisable....

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3 Easy Steps to Making Your “Wish List” Come True

We all have those items that we wish we had but cannot afford in the moment.  Sometimes it can be an experience such as, a 2 hour massage or a...

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5 Tech Life Hacks for Mercury Retrograde

Stop complaining! You CAN actually be productive during a Mercury Retrograde. Use the power of reflection and review to help move you FORWARD (ahh, the irony). Here are some tech...

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Lucid Dreaming for Dream-Building

Have you ever had a lucid dream?  Essentially, lucid dreaming is the experience of realizing you’re dreaming within the dream.  Most people rarely have these, and even then they suddenly...

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Being “Weird” and Calculated Risk

“You’re weird.” This was the first time – and certainly not the last – I would hear these words spoken to me.  Bridget and I were in the dugout during...

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