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Gratitude & Affirmations: The Keys to a Wealthy Mindset

Growing up I loved watching Saturday Night Live. There were plenty of regular sketches that covered almost every topic imaginable, including religion (The Church Lady saying “Hmmmm, isn’t that special?”),...

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The Power of Suggestibility in the Field of Hypnosis

Many years ago I attended a certification course for hypnotherapy at a prominent institute in Northern California.  I had been fascinated by alternative health therapies for a long time and...

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Bird of a Feather: 5 Famous Quotes on Identifying Prosperous Friendships & Social Circles

Rather than listen to another psychologist, why not seek the advice of the rich and famous?  Here are 5 quotes to inspire the kind of friendships we all dream of:...

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Manifesting Your Financial Goals through Delayed Gratification

One of the most common misconceptions in our “fast food society” is that we are entitled to immediate wealth by virtue of desire. Au contraire, my friend. Focused dedication and...

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Giving Is Receiving: 3 Things to Keep in Mind when Donating on a Budget

Opportunities to share our prosperity and support causes abound in our society.  Whether a friend is running a marathon to support research for a disease, a neighbour’s child is selling...

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