5 Tech Life Hacks for Mercury Retrograde

Stop complaining! You CAN actually be productive during a Mercury Retrograde. Use the power of reflection and review to help move you FORWARD (ahh, the irony). Here are some tech life hacks for this gem of a time:

1) Facebook Purge!! Review your friend list and privacy settings. Make needed changes and clean it up for God’s sakes.  Ask yourself, “Does this person add any value to my newsfeed?” Sometimes it’s not just our closets we need to declutter.  Chances are, you won’t miss them and they won’t miss you. They may not even notice.

2) Update your CV and profile on LinkedIn and other professional sites. Don’t send yet, just take it up a notch. This is something we should always do periodically, so there couldn’t be a better time than during a retrograde.

3) Back your computer up! Enough said.

4) Research opportunities online that you’ve always considered but never took action on…MeetUp groups? Blogs to Follow? It’s up to you, what direction to take but you know what I mean….Step back and think about your next steps forward.

5) Unsubscribe from email lists that you’re SO OVER and just clog up your inbox.  This will save you oodles of time in the future that could be better spent on other endeavours.  


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