The Prosperity Project is designed to take you wherever you are in lack through to abundance. It will teach you how to make small adjustments for massive gain, it will help you automatically grow your attraction magnet , it uses science and theory to help you draw the abundance towards you.

Imagine being able to turn a switch on with ease , inside, that allows the wealth and prosperity of an abundant life to automatically and easily arrive at your doorstep. This is a place where we show you the switch this is your home for your new abundant life.

Welcome to the Prosperity Project.


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100's of audio programs designed to smash your barriers to prosperity, programs to guide you through step by step, and guides to help you simplify the process.

New products, programs and special additions added monthly.

We constantly add new material that will impact you in different ways so that your journey expands and never contracts back to the old you.

Breakthrough your subconscious and conscious barriers

The prosperity project uses a unique combination of products to help you bridge the gap between conscious and unconscious barriers to your breakthrough. It’s never been easier to get results.

Learn when and how you want

Choose your own path, we want you to smash through the things that matter to you at your own pace and desires, after all it’s your life.

This is the home for your new abundant life.

Brains, Science and Scientists.

The Prosperity Project bring together some of the most powerful voices in the world of prosperity consciousness science. Programs have been developed by world leading therapists, doctors, educators and scientists and use technology that has been validated to work. Some programs you use at night, or when resting, some when you are active, and combined form a unique pathway to new learnings using new cognitive science and advanced teaching methodologies.

The Science Behind My Prosperity Project

"Cosmic ordering works! I said I wanted a hit TV show. It had to be something my girls would watch - and I wanted it by October. I got the call about Deal or No Deal in August. It's spooky."

- Noel Edmonds, TV presenter + Creator of "Deal or No Deal"

Positive effects on 1000’s of lives

I'm writing to say thank you to your team for the most enjoyable Internet purchase of my life. What great follow-up support, and the books are just awesome. If I'd have known about the content, I would've easily paid the $80k this course once sold for! Rob
I would simply like to highlight my initial thoughts on this purchase. Having completed module one so far the magic words are: Awesome, Fantastic, Brilliant, Eye opening, Attention grabbing and Stimulating. Thank You Nick
Hi just wanted to let you know that those hypnosis session i been listening to are on the top of the chart awesome after a long hard day at work my main focus is getting home to play at lease one because i don't know how many i can listen ...Juie


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New products, programs and special additions added monthly.

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